Some of my academic journal articles

I don't really contribute to academic writing much any more. I did write a chapter on scientific aspects of spiritual psychology for Manuel Almendro and Douglas MacDonald's forthcoming book though. These are some earlier articles on developmental spiritual psychology:

Dale, E. (2014). Spiritual Consciousness and the Age of Quantity: The Strange Case of Jean Piaget's Mysticism. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 21, 97-119. View PDF

Dale, E. (2014). Variability in the emergence point of transpersonal experience in the life cycle. Anthropology of Consciousness, 25, 143–164. View PDF

Dale, E. (2013), Neo-Piagetian transpersonal psychology: A new perspective. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 45, 118-138. View PDF

Dale, E. (2012). The equilibration of the self and the sense of sublation: Spirituality in thought, music, and meditation. Journal of Mind and Behavior, 33, 219–232. View PDF

Dale, E. (2011). Evolutionary developmental biology, the human life course, and transpersonal experience. Journal of Mind and Behavior, 32, 277–294. View PDF